The big event, did you go?


Hi everyone, I am back and I am ready for the adventures to continue and my journey has taken me to the good old UK! I heard from an old friend that there was an event taking place in London! So of course I got here as soon as I could as it was the Digital Content Summit and it was honestly amazing! I got to meet some of the most amazing and influential people ever! I also made an awesome friendship with two like-minded people! They are the business owners of InterLead and their ideas blew me away! I also got to hear from the amazing Aston Martin people, the Sky News and also the BBC and many more, it was awesome! The best thing was, anyone could join in and ask them questions which made it a lot more personal in my eyes!


It was only last night but I am still super buzzing from it! I learnt so much and really got to hear it from the best of the best! There were case studies given by the huge brands like Asda and Marks and Spencers and anotherone which I can’t remember at this moment in time! I must have filled a whole notebook out of ideas!


While I was there, I learnt exactly how content should be delivered and what it entails, how to catch people and draw them in and different ways to style your content to make it more attractive! I really did learn from the best! And the speakers were so professional, I couldn’t help but listen to every single word that came out of their mouths! I am so pleased that I went! I would love to know if any of you attended and I’d love to know your thoughts on how it all went! Let me know everyone! Now, goodbye England… Hello my next destination!!

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