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I here this is a huge event happening in the UK soon and I can’t wait to attend! Have you heard about it? It’s the amazing, unmissable Digital Content Summit! Now if you are in the marketing sector, publishing, social media, a content writer or anything along those lines,you must, must , must attend this digital content summit event in London! I know that people come from all over the world to see it ad hear from the most amazing speakers and hear from the professionals themselves!


So obviously I will be making sure I attend this when it is happening as I would love to better my content writing skills which for me, its definitely a big thing that I go! And plus, all the professionals and senior professionals will be there so I would be silly not to really! I could get the most professionals and extraordinary advice from the influential business people whilst also getting the low down on where the next big events are at the same time, its a perfect idea!


I hear the tickets are a little pricey but that’s the whole point of it! Nothing this amazing comes for free and if you are serious about bettering yourself in your line of work then you definitely just have to pay it otherwise you will stick in the same place over and over again! I made that mistake for years as you know and I never just took that chance to make it big, but take it from me… just do it! It is so worth it in the end, i promise! Come and join me at the event! I hope I get to talk to you all! I will be the ginger haired short woman at the back of the room taking all the notes and sucking in all the advice that I can! See you there!

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