Always planning ahead


Hi everyone, guess where I am going… Las Vegas baby and wow, I am so excited! This is the third time I have been to Las Vegas and it just gets better and better each time! Don’t you think it is just the most amazing place in the world?


Why am I going?
So, I heard that there was an Intelligent Content Conference here soon so I decided to book a hotel around the time of the event so that I could attend! The Intelligent Content Conference is an annual occurrence where people who are content writing geniuses and people like me who want to be a genius gather together! I have read up about it and apparently job lines such as translators, content marketers, techs communicators and loads and loads of other brainiacs!


Why is it so good?
It is so amazing because it has the power to turn someone who is a beginner when it comes to content and can turn them into a professional over the three days it runs! Because there are so many professionals there, any questions you have you are able to ask them and get advice and feedback on your work or your future! I have hear it is so worth the money and it really is an eye opener!


Why do I want to go so bad?
I have heard it can really change you into a professional, now I am dying to go as I love writing and I would love to be a journalist one day and carry on travelling the world as one of them! But for now, I am doing it for this blog page and so that I can share my information for free! I can’t actually wait, I will let everyone know once I have been and let you know what it is all about!

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