Happy 2016!


Good morning world!

Hi everyone, thank you for giving this post a read! I am currently in Mallorca taking some time out as I haven’t had the best New Years! I unfortunately did something to my back which has left me feeling a little worse for wear! So I decided to take a few weeks out to try and get it back to normal so I can carry on my adventures but until then I am stuck in Mallorca sunning it up… what a shame for me right?
On a more serious note… I am absolutely loving it here, I used to come here on holidays when I was really little so it brings back a lot of memories which makes it so much better here as my time here was very memorable.


So, where am I?

I am staying in the lovely Cala D’or in the beautiful Barcelo Hotel Ponent Playa! It is just phenomenal! I have never been treated so great before! And the food, well there is just one word to describe it… WOW! With a beach on the doorstep and a cocktail bar sitting in the middle, there is nothing more amazing than this, honestly one of the most amazing places I have ever been before!


What’s next for Dawn?
I thought I would let you know what has happened and where I am and as there is no events going on in Mallorca, I may not be blogging for a little bit as I might just enjoy my self a little too much! The New Year started off bad but I can assure you I am in heaven thanks to the amazing place and the wonderful staff! If you are going abroad this year, you need to check this place out, you won’t regret it!


  • Gorgeous sun
  • Luscious cocktails
  • Gorgeous staff
  • Horizon to die for
  • Lovely clean rooms
  • Warm soft sand
  • Not a cloud in the sky


Why not? Happy 2016 everyone, I hope it is going great for you all! Speak soon when I am back on my adventures!

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