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Life with Dawn

Hi everyone and welcome to my life. So, why did I do what I did? Well… It’s simple really, it was my dream and one day I decided to stop living someone else’s and get on living my own and I have never looked back since! I do what I want, when I want to do it and it’s awesome! I started my journey in good old Stone in the lovely West Midlands but even though I loved it there and had many friends, I just constantly felt that something was seriously missing from my life and I just couldn’t pinpoint it! I knew that one day it would all become clear and I would find what it was I truly craved in my life!


What happened next?

Years past and my life became more and more normal and it became the same each day… get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch a little television and then sleep… and that was it! Not the life I wanted and the life I knew I really deserved! One day I realised what I wanted and I knew that I just had to get on with it and do it as soon as possible as I knew I wasn’t getting any younger!


My point is, just go out there and do it, you were not put on this earth to follow sheep, you are all here for a reason and you should all set out to achieve that reason! Find out what it is your dream is and just do it, why not? No one is stopping you from following your dream and even if they did, you never ever have to listen to them! I lost my parents a few years ago and they always brought me up to live my life, not someone else’s!


What should you do?

Go out there and find what it is your mind craves! Live your life, you all deserve it! Just take the path your heart wants to take and that way, it will always turn out perfect!

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